From concept drawings to completion, Blue Leaf Creations design and build unique play spaces to bring imagination to life.

What Is Imagination Play?

Imagination playgrounds are designed to assist in the social, physical and creative development of children within a large range of age and physical ability. Whilst traditional playgrounds create a separation between learning and play, we aim to to create a play space which encourages not just physical activity but the invention of characters and stories, promote cooperative play and facilitate practical lessons. The science, geometry and history surrounding these realistic timber playgrounds provide a perfect setting for outdoor classes.

How Does It Differ From Standard Playgrounds?

Breaking away from hyper-coloured plastic and steel, we use a variety of natural materials intended to give the children a genuine feel and connection to the playground environment. Further to the development and educational benefits of imagination playgrounds, the reduction in steel platforms and bars creates a much safer play space for all children. The nature of the landscape also allows children with a range of abilities to join in on the fun, making this style of playground exceptionally inclusive and affordable.

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