Project Description

Completed in 2014, The Black Saphire was commissioned by the Mooney Valley council and sits on the banks of the Marabinong River. Built to accommodate 3-7 year olds, this playground incorporates physical activities with imagination play as well as being a stand-out landmark for the local area.

Since it’s opening in it has been featured on many local and city wide news papers as well as featured on Channel 9’s ‘Getaway’ and numerous social media sites. Built from ironbark and cladded in silver-top ash, this playground boasts realistic ship features such as a steering wheel, cannons, sails, telescopes, bells and rigging. Social play areas are incorporated along side the imagination and adventure play items. Silhouettes of animals, mermaids and pirates will keep the kids entertained between following the treasure map and digging in the sand pit.